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Latest Update: July 9th, 2024.


Whenever I finish a new painting or something newsworthy occurs, I'll update this page.   




Summer is here and things are heating up inside and outside the studio! 

- New work in progress - nearing completion. When finished it will be loaded to the "Deleted Scenes from an Unmade Movie" gallery. 

"Moondance, #4, Deleted Scenes From An Unmade Movie", acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2024.

This painting depicts a moonlit view of Cultus Lake, with one of the iconic older homes along

the lakeshore, located between Entrance Bay and Sunnyside. I've been wanting to put this unique cantilevered house in a painting for a number of years

and now I'm finally getting to it.  A few final tweaks and this piece is done. This painting was inspired by one of my midnight walks

around the lake. I love the night light. 


- Check out the News Page to read about the Anonymous Art Show that I took part in, and to see the 3 pieces I entered.

   I would have mentioned it sooner - but it was anonymous, ha ha! The three little paintings have also been loaded to two

   galleries Landscapes 2018-24 and Plant and Animal Worlds 1999-2024.


- Just finished the latest sculpture in the - "Fern Figure Sculpture Series" .