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Latest Update: Tuesday August 24, 2020.



Whenever I finish a new painting or something newsworthy occurs, I'll update this page.   



Fall is in the air with summer on the backside, as the creative juices continue to flow in the studio!

Just uploaded my latest painting, another Lindeman Lake piece titled "Home Waters"

*Check out the news page to read about my solo exhibit on now at the O'Connor Gallery in Chilliwack 


- Finished a new painting recently - "#8, Waterway Series"

-  and recently uploaded another new painting"#3, West Coast Series"


Other paintings finished a while back:

- "#37, Sunnyside Series"

"Raven in the Old Growth"

"From the Forest"

 - "Sundown, #2, Deleted Scenes From An Unmade Movie"

"Gliding in the Old Growth"


- Added a first to my website (and a first for my art career) a while back

- a page for a photo series titled "On Ice." 


                            click on image to view


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A new page for video was added a while back. Click here to see the first video. It's exciting to combine my painting, music, and video interests!


* Sunnyside Series  * Limited Edition Canvas Prints *

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See the Gallery of Available Paintings to find out which paintings are still available for purchase. There are newer pieces as well as ones from years past. The paintings shown here also appear in other galleries on this website according to their respective years and series.



For those who are interested in reading about some of the thoughts and experiences that have informed my creative life - check out my Studio Blog (now suspended.) These 35 entries were written between Feb. and Oct. 2011. They have been arranged in chronological order - oldest to newest.

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  Working on "Fire and Ice, Black Tusk".                                                               In the studio.