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Last Update: Thursday April 19th, 2018.



Whenever I finish a new painting or something newsworthy occurs, I will update this site. 

Currently I am also updating the site every Thursday with an image from my personal archive (scroll down.)    




Spring is here and work continues in the studio! 

Finished a new winter forest painting recently titled "Trailblazer." Click here to see this new piece.

I'm also working on #35 in the Sunnyside Series - a diptych.

Finished a new painting recently in the Whistler Mountain Series. Click here to see this piece.

Finished a new painting a while back in the Sunnyside Series. Click here to see this piece.

A new page for video was added a while back. Click here to see the first video. It's exciting to combine my painting, music, and video interests, so stay tuned for more videos upcoming!


The "Print Page" has been updated with available sizes and prices for canvas prints in the Sunnyside Series.


Finished a new painting in a new series a while back: 

- Click here to see the first painting in a new series titled "Deleted Scenes From An Unmade Movie."


Working now on several paintings in other series: 

- New pieces in the Sunnyside Series

- A Lindeman Lake painting - 36" x 48" Lindeman Lake is one of my favourite painting subjects. I've been working on this one for a while.

All these pieces and more will be upcoming in the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned!






- a weekly post to my homepage. Images will appear on Thursdays and stay for one week only - 

An over one and a half year long feature to the website - images from my personal collection. These are all pieces that have not been seen before on this website. These images will include selected sketches from my sketchbooks, drawings, hand made prints, and paintings from my private collection, or other older previously purchased pieces. 

 Today, (Thursday April 19th, 2018) we have a drawing from my sketchbook from an 1985 road trip with three friends to the Yucatan and back. This sketch is from Playa Del Carmen on the Yucatan peninsula on Mexico's east coast. I did a 36" x 48" painting from this sketch but unfortunately it is apparently one of those rare pieces that I don't have a photo of - unless it's lost in the bowels of the studio somewhere!

At the time I did this sketch in 1985 Playa Del Carmen was a small quiet sea side town. My friends and I camped on the beach on the edge of town, and spent several days swimming, snorkelling, and exploring from our camp north to the seaside Mayan ruins of Tulum. One day we came upon a small Mayan ruin like a single family dwelling in the jungle right on the edge of the ocean. Going right past was a waterway spilling into the turquoise blue ocean waters. We snorkelled here in both the freshwater and saltwater where multicoloured fish swam among us. The coast had very recently sustained hurricane damage and a lot of seaside structures were in a state of ruin. In the sand not far from my tent on the beach there was an old rusted cannon that had been washed ashore. I wondered whether it had come from an old Spanish gallon or pirate ship. 

As I mentioned last week, I have Mexican friends who I am still in contact with and whose friendships I cherish. So many great memories from my experiences in Mexico. It really was a life altering journey. 


"Playa Del Carmen", pencil on paper, 10 1/2" x 13 1/2", 1985. 








See the Gallery of Available Paintings to find out which paintings are still available for purchase. There are some newer pieces as well as ones from years past. The paintings shown here also appear in other galleries on this website according to their respective years and series.

Prints in the Sunnyside Series are available for purchase. To see examples of the whole series together and find out more, check out my print page.

For those who are interested in reading about some of the thoughts and experiences that have informed my creative life - check out my Studio Blog (now suspended.) These 35 entries were written between Feb. and Oct. 2011. They have been arranged in chronological order - oldest to newest.

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  Working on one of my latest paintings.                                                                        In the studio.