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Last Update: Thursday October 20th, 2016.



Whenever I finish a new painting or something newsworthy occurs, I will update this site.



Just finished a little painting inspired by the upper reaches of the Fraser River. 

To see this painting check out the Landscapes 2014-16 Gallery.




Check out the News Page to read about several of my paintings which showed at a new gallery space in Chilliwack BC, "the Art House." 



A new feature on the website was added a while back. Images in the Galleries section can now be made fullscreen. Just click on the image to view them larger. Though this applies to most images, some of the older ones are not able to be made full screen as the original photo quality will not allow this. I'm excited by this new feature as it allows for a much enhanced viewing experience for most of the paintings. On the detailed closeup photos it really gives you sense of the paintings surface.



One of my paintings from 1997, that I sold 12 years ago, has returned to my studio. "Oracle", acrylic on canvas, 40" x 56".


The current owner of the painting wants to sell it and I have offered to try and help by publicizing it on my website and by hanging it for a period of time in my studio for viewing.

Having this painting back is kind of like having an old friend return that you haven't seen for a long time. I get to look at the painting through fresh eyes while thinking back to the time when I painted it. I also get to take a new photo with a digital camera and update my image of it here on my website.

To read more about the history of this painting, what inspired it and to see a detailed photo of the piece go to the Gallery of Available Paintings.


To inquire about this painting, drop me a line on my Contact Page.




As most of the paintings appearing here on my website have already been sold, see the Gallery of Available Paintings to find out which paintings are still available for purchase. There are some newer pieces as well as ones from years past. The paintings shown here also appear in other galleries on this website according to their respective years and series.

Prints in the Sunnyside Series are available for purchase and framing from Smudges Art Shoppe in Chilliwack. To see examples of the whole series together and find out more, check out my print page.

For those who are interested in reading about some of the thoughts and experiences that have informed my creative life - check out my Studio Blog (now suspended.) These 35 entries were written between Feb. and Oct. 2011. They have been arranged in chronological order - oldest to newest.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy.



A detail of the latest painting in the Sunnyside Series.                                          Where it was created - the studio.