G  A  R  Y      H  A  G  G  Q  U  I  S  T    

"Raven in the Old Growth," acrylic on canvas, 30" x 40", 2019 Sold

This painting is inspired by walks in the forest outside my front door. I love to explore - go off trail, look for big trees, interesting stumps, and of course - water ways. I've always wanted to do a view looking up into the forest, into an old forest with history, and that long established interconnected web of life. Often when I'm walking the raven is near, moving from tree to tree, it's various calls and intricate song echoing through the trees, giving voice to the magic and wonder of the forest. The raven's placement in the eye of trees is meant to evoke that timeless connection. Long may the forest stand, long may the ravens fly!