G  A  R  Y      H  A  G  G  Q  U  I  S  T    


(posted on 27 Feb 2020)

               GIVE THE GIFT OF ART * 

Gift certificates are now available to give to those special people in your life.

They can be issued in any value, and have no expiry date. Great for Birthdays, weddings, retirements, graduations, anniversaries, Christmas, or any occasion, including - just because! They can be purchased by cash, credit card, or e-transfer.

Chip in as a group to make it more affordable. Gift certificates can be redeemed for art cards, limited edition Giclee canvas prints, and original paintings.

The gift of art is one of the most fun, original, thoughful, memorable, and inspirational things you can give to someone. It stands the test of time, giving joy, inspiration, and reflection for many years, long after most gifts are consumed, worn out - long gone and forgotten.  


Gift Certificate recipients get the chance to choose a piece of artwork right for them, 

by either visiting the studio, or browsing my website at their leisure.


Art cards are available to pair your gift certificate with. 


Check out the Print Page to find out about gift ideas in the Sunnyside Series.


           *   Give a gift to remember you by   *


                                          The gift of art is timeless.


                  To find out more message me on the Contact Page.