G  A  R  Y      H  A  G  G  Q  U  I  S  T    

"Sundown, #2, Deleted Scenes From An Unmade Movie," acrylic on canvas, 30" x 60", 2019 Sold

This second painting in the series "Deleted Scenes From An Unmade Movie" is a view of Cultus Lake looking south as the last rays of light are leaving the sky. A raven perched on a tree in the foreground calls out across the valley to another raven in flight, as out on the lake a figure on a dock awaits the arrival of a kayaker. This painting was inspired by my many hikes around Cultus Lake and by climbing a tree on one of those hikes and getting a view looking through the treetops down onto Entrance Bay and south to the end of the lake and the far sky. One evening, on a more recent hike, I decided to leave my camera at home and just enjoy the hike without snapping photos. On that evening the sky was so incredible that I have tried to capture it by memory here in "Sundown."