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Yes, the Sunnyside Series is showing on Sunnyside Boulevard. A small selection of prints from the Sunnyside Series is currently being displayed at the "Lakeside Beach Club" restaurant at Cultus Lake. 


This newly opened eatery is located on Sunnyside Boulevard next to the Cultus lake plaza and across the street from the water park. The show has been up for about a week now and already two pieces have sold, one print and also the latest and only Sunnyside original in the show - #29.

Thanks go out to Co-proprietors Jeff Massey and Alicia Bodaly for the invite to show my work inside their wonderful new restaurant. This is looking like a great venue to introduce the "Sunnyside Series" to both locals and visitors at Cultus lake. It is a treat to have the Sunnyside Series displayed for the first time in the community that inspired it.